This site is dedicated to help Grainger sell more 3M drinking water and process fluid filtration products. We believe knowledge is power to grow business! We start with training programs that build your base of knowledge around selling water filtration to your customers. It continues with world class selling tools that have you asking the right questions to your customers and maximizing the sale! This page will be continually updated with sales successes to learn from and other marketing tools.

What’s New For Grainger

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  • Nurse giving patient a glass of water
    3M™ High Flow Carbonless Absolute Series Water Filtration Products for Healthcare

    3M™ High Flow Carbonless Absolute Water Filtration Products are designed with healthcare—and patients—in mind. Our Carbonless Filters help provide consistent, quality ice while protecting equipment.

    Specification Sheet (PDF, 479.69 KB)

    Carbonless Series Sales Toolkit (PDF, 434 KB)

  • A glass with ice and water
    3M™ High Flow Carbonless Series Water Filtration Products for Foodservice

    In foodservice, making a good first impression with customers can start with a glass of ice. Help improve the appearance and consistency of ice while protecting expensive equipment with 3M™ High Flow Carbonless Series Water Filtration Products.

    Specification Sheet (PDF, 500.63 KB)

    Carbonless Series Sales Toolkit (PDF, 434 KB)

  • Man and child washing hands at a sink
    3M™ Aqua-Pure™ AP800 Series Whole House Water Filtration Housings

    Whole house water filter systems are great solutions to help protect pipes and appliances as well as offer great tasting drinking water from anywhere in the home.

    Specification Sheet (PDF, 627.42 KB)

    AP800 Series Sales Toolkit (PDF, 271 KB)

  • Filtration bubbles
    3M Filtration Solutions for Breweries and Cider Producers

    Brewers demand reliable solutions for effective filtration to preserve quality and ensure efficient operations. Find out where filtration is needed and how 3M can help!

    Learn More (PDF, 3.03 MB)

Grainger Vertical Markets

  • Child drinking water in a school water fountain

    Government — education

    Many government and educational facilities use breakrooms and cafeterias where water is dispensed through ice machines and water dispensers and other applications that could benefit from filtered water.

    Grainger Educational Facility Guide (PDF, 1.81 MB)

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  • Did you know nearly every customer you call has the potential to purchase water filtration products? From breakrooms to locker rooms, hospitals, schools and hotels, your customers use water filtration products in multiple processes. Our refreshed Train the Trainer Program teaches you how to identify water filtration opportunities and what you need to know about its benefits and solutions. The course takes just 30 minutes to complete.

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