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Under sink water filters.

Get the water you’ve been waiting for with an under sink water filtration system from 3M. These easy-to-maintain systems deliver fresh, filtered water through your existing tap or a dedicated faucet while maintaining flow rates and can quickly be installed by experienced DIYers or a plumber.

A man in glasses sipping a glass of water.
Rethink your sink.

Enjoy tastier beverages along with cleaner and clearer ice, all made from the water under your sink.


The advantages of an under sink water filtration system.

Find out if an under sink filtration system is right for you by checking out these key advantages to having fresh, filtered water from your kitchen sink or dedicated faucet.

  • Water pouring into a glass with ice.
    Quality water at the center of it all.

    An under sink system helps reduce contaminants right at the tap or a dedicated faucet to deliver cleaner, clearer water for drinking, cooking, making coffee, ice, tea or other beverages.

  • A man installing an under sink filtration system.
    Easy installation.

    Systems can be installed in under an hour without, in most cases, the need to cut pipes or to shut off the water to your entire house.

  • A person rinsing a vegetable in a sink.
    Conveniently accessible.

    Enjoy fresh, filtered water at the most central point of most homes—the kitchen sink. Cartridges are easy to access, making changeouts fast and easy.

  • A hand touching an under sink filtration system.
    Compact size.

    Under sink systems are designed to fit in tight cabinet spaces without taking up too much room and the replacement cartridges are typically smaller than whole house system cartridges.

Easy to install. Easy to maintain.

  • An illustrated diagram of bathroom, appliance and kitchen filtration system installations.
    Common installations.
Bathroom - Under Sink System
A bathroom under sink filtration system.

Use for helping improve the taste and odor of water from your bathroom faucet.

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Appliance - In-Line System
An appliance in-line filtration system.

Use for refrigerators without existing water filters, coffee makers, ice makers or beverage dispensers.

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Kitchen - Under Sink System
A kitchen under sink filtration system.

Use for cleaner, clearer and great tasting drinking and cooking water with a dedicated kitchen faucet.
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Getting better water for your whole house is easier than you think.
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It’s easier than you think to improve your sink.

The wait for better water is over. You’re just a click away from enjoying quality water with an under sink water filtration system from 3M.

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Customer Service 1-800-630-0778