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3M filtration and gas management for industrial water.

Manage your unique needs with our breadth of filters and housing products.


Every industry has its own unique water filtration and separation challenges. That’s why 3M has a robust portfolio of industrial water solutions to help meet the environmental concerns, regulatory requirements and filtration needs of virtually every industry.

Water is a critical, limited resources, and we all share the responsibility to ensure it’s available for future generations. Filtration and separation products from 3M provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for sustainable water management throughout your industrial operation.

Why choose 3M Filtration and Separation solutions?

Comprehensive solutions for incoming, process and waste water and fluids

  • Comprehensive

    Your manufacturing processes may be complicated. Whether you’re making semiconductors, building displays or manufacturing silicon wafers, the 3M Filtration and Separation product portfolio helps support the microelectronics manufacturing processes — from the first step to the last.

  • Efficient

    The faster you can manufacture your products, the faster you’ll be able to grow your business. 3M Filtration and Separation filter systems are easy to change out--helping you save time and avoid industrial manufacturing disruptions. 3M technical experts can support your filtration needs to help maintain or help improve quality with cost-effective solutions.

  • Dependable

    3M Filtration and Separation solutions for industrial manufacturing provide high-quality and long filter life to help ensure process and product consistency for your manufacturing process.

  • Responsible

    Designed for industrial manufacturing, 3M Filtration and Separation products help provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for particle filtration, gas control and sustainable water management from start to finish.

Industrial Water market segment solutions

What do automotive assembly, machining and metal working, steam and power and oil and gas operations all have in common? The need for filtration that helps minimize water use and application processes, which helps the operation be at its optimal efficiency. 3M industrial water filtration solutions help meet end-customer needs.

  • Rev up your assembly process with 3M industrial water solutions. From pretreatment to electrodeposition, we have the filtration products you need to streamline your operation and reduce rework. Filtration is used throughout the automotive washing and painting process.

  • Whether you need a cooling filtration solution for cutting, stamping or molding parts, or an efficient solution to filter water for parts washing, there’s a 3M industrial water solution for your circular system. Removing debris that can cause process issues and keeping washing water reusable longer can help reduce waste and add efficiency.

  • Save on your chemical treatment alternatives, reduce corrosion and get water and energy savings for your steam and power generation.

  • Are you treating and recycling upstream and midstream-produced water in your drilling and fracking operations to reduce the need for "fresh" water sources? Are you relying on filtration for offshore, gas management, amine sweetening and end products? For many of these complex oil and gas applications, 3M has the right filtration solution for you.

  • When it comes to managing industrial water filtration and separation, you need a partner with the expertise, processes and products to help you get it right.  Water is a critical, limited resource and we all share the responsibility to ensure it’s available for future generations. Filtration and separation products from 3M help provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions for sustainable water management throughout your industrial operation.

Related Industries

3M also offers other filtration and dissolved gas control product solutions for your microelectronics and food and beverage processes.

  • What do semiconductor, silicon wafer, display and hard disk drive manufacturers all have in common? The need for contaminant reduction and a quality finished product. – made possible by the right filtration and gas control solutions. From major manufacturers to smaller operations, 3M microelectronics filtration solutions help keep customers meeting their end customer needs.

  • From pure ingredients to polished packaging, your passion for quality comes through in every part of your product. 3M supports food and beverage manufacturers with scalable solutions that help make high quality output a matter of routine. Explore how advanced filtration and processing solutions can help shape your production operations for success.

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