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    Enabling lighter, safer, quieter aircraft in the skies near you.


    3M Aerospace Solutions

    • 3M Aerospace Solutions

      More than 75 years after the first flight of a turbojet aircraft, aeronautics is still one of the most exciting and complex fields in the world. Every day, engineers across the globe are designing new aircraft that are faster, lighter, safer, and more comfortable than ever before. To create the planes of the future, they need access to futuristic materials.

      At 3M, our Aerospace scientists are constantly collaborating to create technologies that impact all aspects of aeronautics. We've used our decades of experience to design structural bonding adhesives which allow for lighter, stronger bonds than screws and rivets, while also permitting more flexible use of other materials—helping engineers create lighter, quieter aircraft.

      When composite components like engine housings and leading edges cut through the air at hundreds of miles per hour, our films and tapes provide critical erosion resistance. We've also created powerful sealants, corrosion protection tapes and cleaners for complex avionics.

      These 3M materials, and many more, appear in aircraft new and old the world over. From commercial airlines that need to minimize repair time, to vintage air racers like those flown by the 3M-sponsored Sawbones Air Racing Team who need to maximize performance, those who need to trust their aircraft trust us.