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    Accurate. Timely. Essential.


    Trifecta, Light Blue/Blue Mesh
    Accurate. Timely. Essential.

    Accurate and timely information, allows users of license plate readers to make quick and well-informed decisions.

    • ALPR Technology

      When you invest yourself wholly in keeping the communities you serve safe, you need partners who do the same. When you need essential safety products, 3M is there with solutions like Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Technology.

      The use of ALPR technology is growing worldwide due to its ability to provide more accurate and timely information to a variety of public and private sectors, such as law enforcement and toll road authorities. ALPR technology provides reliable data a law officer can use to enhance situational awareness and maintain public safety.

      Our focus and dedication to ALPR technology provides you with the most advanced license plate recognition technology available today. It's part of our effort to ensure you have what you need to help keep our communities safe and secure.