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    Keeping cool, on and off the job.


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    Keeping cool, on and off the job.

    For workers, 3M knows what it takes to keep your environment—and the people in it—cool and safe, even in the hottest conditions.

    • Heat stress solutions

      No matter which industry you work in, workplace safety and health are top priorities. And when you’re working in hot conditions, extra precautions need to be taken to keep yourself cool, comfortable and productive—both on the job and at home.

      Working conditions aren’t always easy to predict or control. That’s where 3M comes in. We have an array of products—from coveralls to supplied air respirators to heat stress monitors—designed to help reduce heat stress, which helps decrease your risk of heat strain or even heat stroke.

      Not only that, but 3M products can help minimize other negative side effects to prolonged heat exposure, including irritability, low morale, increased risk of injury, absenteeism —all of which can be brought on by heat stress.

      Because it’s not just about protecting you while you’re on the job. It’s about helping to keep you safe and healthy so you can always be your best at work and at home.