A line of freight trucks drives on a highway with clearly visible pavement markings.
Solutions for Automated Freight

Enhanced infrastructure to pave the way for automated freight.

Transportation Infrastructure for Automated Freight

Helping improve safety and mobility for the freight shipping industry.

  •  A photo of a curving highway at sunrise shows a line of freight trucks driving.

    In the freight shipping industry, safety and efficiency are top priorities. Long haul, freight delivery occurs during the day and all hours of the night, when driver attention is critical. To help with this issue, many companies are turning to automated and autonomous technologies. 3M™ Connected Roads is helping drive this transportation evolution with enhanced infrastructure, including pavement markings that can be detectable at longer distances to help you build safer, more efficient roads for the present and the future.

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“In nighttime rain conditions, wet retroreflective optics enable detection at longer distances than glass beads on yellow markings.”*

*Based on testing jointly conducted with Continental Automotive Systems Inc. in December 2017 in Brimley, Michigan, USA. Materials tested included yellow LPM lines in conventional driving zones and nighttime rain with either glass or 3M elements.

Products for Automated Freight

The next evolution of intelligent infrastructure.

What can you do today to prepare for the next evolution of intelligent transportation infrastructure? With 3M's deep understanding of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, we strive to design our materials to meet the needs of current and future lane departure and lane keep systems. Learn more about products that help make automated driving a reality.

  • Two piles of yellow and white 3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements microcrystalline ceramic beads.

    3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements

    Liquid pavement markings with 3M™ Optics that enable better lane keeping and departure warning of your freight, even in the rain or other low-visibility road conditions.