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Transportation Infrastructure Applications

  • 3M adhesives and tapes are ideal for transportation infrastructure attaching applications.


    With a broad portfolio of tapes and adhesives, 3M offers a reliable solution for virtually every attaching need.


  • 3M™ VHB™ Tapes replace fasteners and screws in transportation infrastructure bonding applications.


    The strength of rivets and screws meets the simplicity of tape in 3M's remarkably durable double-sided tapes.

  • 3M epoxy coatings protect rebar from corrosion in transportation infrastructure applications.


    To protect rebar from corrosion caused by deicing salts, sea water, harsh chemicals, acid rain and concrete additives, 3M offers reliable, easy-to-apply epoxy coatings.


  • 3M abrasives are ideal for a wide range of transportation infrastructure radiusing applications.


    For the critical finishing of traffic signs, 3M offers abrasives that remove burs and round sharp edges easily, quickly and efficiently.


  • 3M reclosable fasteners offer consistency in transportation infrastructure fastening applications.


    Get a strong hold when you need it and an easy release when you don't. 3M reclosable fasteners deliver consistency through countless openings and closures.


  • 3M finishing products are designed to meet the demands of transportation infrastructure applications.


    To achieve stringent geometry tolerances and finish specs, 3M finishing products are designed to meet today’s tough processing challenge from grinding to superfinishing.

  • 3M transportation infrastructure safety marking products direct drivers and keep roadways safe.

    Safety and Road Markings

    For high-performance pavement marking, 3M offers products designed to safely guide drivers no matter the weather conditions or time of day.


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