Advanced Products for Advanced Infrastructure

  • From improving safety to extending the life of roads and bridges, 3M stays on top of traffic and safety regulations with cutting-edge products. 

Transportation Infrastructure Products and Applications

  • Product Categories

    Safer roads and bridges start with state-of-the-art 3M products that improve processes and support worker safety during both manufacturing and field installation. 


    Rebar Coating

    Tapes and Adhesives

    Traffic and Vehicle Safety

    Personal Protective Equipment



  • Application Categories

    When it comes to transportation infrastructure, 3M is up for any task, from protecting reinforcing steel in bridges to mounting traffic signs with strong, dependable bonds.




    Deburring and Radiusing



    Safety Marking

Need Help Finding the Right Transportation Infrastructure Product?

3M products are constantly evolving to better meet customer needs. If you need help finding the right Transportation Infrastructure product for your project or have other questions about 3M solutions, get in touch with us.

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