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    Specialty: AFTER-MOUSE.COM develops both custom and off-the-shelf multi-touch solutions. From pre-K games to Fortune 500 business, our apps are instinctual and memorable.


    Markets: AFTER-MOUSE.COM has developed over 150 applications across virtually every market sector. Our specialty is the development of custom business applications, with extensive experience in retail, hospitality, automotive, banking, real estate, healthcare, and events. We've also developed a full suite of games available off-the-shelf.


    Products & Services: AFTER-MOUSE.COM specializes in custom applications, developed to address the unique business needs of every client. AFTER-MOUSE.COM has 23 games instantly available for download. Fast paced and entertaining, we have options for adults and children of all ages, as well as a unique set of edu-tainment games for young children to help with skill practice.


    Tech Specs: Windows 7 and Windows 8

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  • AFTER-MOUSE.COM has been a world leader in the development of touch screen applications since 2009. Our footprint spans the globe, with over 150 multi-touch applications deployed as both unique developments and global rollouts.

    AFTER-MOUSE.COM is distinct in that our business applications are tailored to every client's individual goals, showcasing content while creating one-of-a-kind user experiences. Whether you're looking to increase sales, productivity, or create a true WOW experience for customers, AFTER-MOUSE.COM delivers real results.

    Some recent projects include a fully customizable car configurator built for Mazda, deployed in dealerships globally – and a robust vacation property sales app for the Hyatt Residential Group.

    AFTER-MOUSE.COM has headquarters in New York City with additional offices in Paris, Munich, Italy and Dubai.


    Contact Information:


    550 Fifth Ave. Suite 500

    New York, NY 10036



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