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    • Specialty: A no programming, template-free platform for the creation of multi-touch and gesture-driven digital experiences using 10+ media formats including images, videos and maps.
    • Markets: Used across verticals. Think of IntuiFace as a development platform. Customers include design agencies and SIs building interactive experiences for clients in any industry.
    • Products & Services: We sell IntuiFace, a platform for creating interactive digital experiences without writing one line of code. We offer design services but only within the context of IntuiFace use.
    • Tech Specs: IntuiFace Composer (the editor): Windows 7 and 8, Mac via Bootcamp or VM software like Parallels
      IntuiFace Player (the runtime): Same as Composer
      IntuiFace IntuiPad (remote control): iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows RT
      IntuiFace Management Console (deployment management): Any Web browser, any OS

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  • IntuiLab was founded in 2002 with a passion for developing solutions incorporating natural user interface technology. Initially focused on industrial use, IntuiLab's mission evolved to making interactivity accessible to the masses. This lead to the release in 2007 of IntuiFace Version 1.0. Since that time, IntuiFace has become the leading, globally recognized solution for creating interactive experiences without writing code. Hundreds of customers in 50+ countries use IntuiFace to build multi-touch, remote gesture and input tag-based solutions for everything from the classroom to the boardroom, the sales call to the showroom.


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