• The strength of a meaningful partnership.

    3M’s Consumer Business Group is working to address the homeownership gap by partnering with organizations that increase ownership access for underrepresented groups and through meaningful product donations that can help make a house a home.

    A family of five holding up their house keys in front of their new home.

    According to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, people of color across the United States have been systematically shut out of homeownership for generations. During the 1930s, the U.S. government published maps to guide lending practices. Certain neighborhoods were considered “hazardous” for lending simply because people of color lived there. This sparked a ripple effect of disinvestment still felt today.

    3M’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity supports our broader goals of advancing social justice and equity. Housing is a social determinant of health and opportunity, and by creating and promoting affordable homeownership, we advance racial equity in housing, which also improves other disparities in our community.

    “3M and Habitat for Humanity have had a rewarding partnership for over 30 years. Deepening our engagement is one way that demonstrates 3M’s commitment to drive equitable outcomes in our communities, especially for people of color. When inequities in housing are addressed, economic wealth is created, which stands to benefit our society as a whole,” said Garfield Bowen, Vice President of 3M’s Social Justice Strategy and Initiatives, and board member for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

    The 3M Consumer Business Group partnership includes strategic partnerships, financial donations, and volunteerism. But it doesn’t stop there. With new and existing products for moving, home improvement, air quality, cleaning and more, 3M is also helping to make each house a home.

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