• Refresh and renew.

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    Refresh and renew.

    • person writing on Post-it® Flex Write Surface
      • Post-it® Brand continues to deliver new ways to help consumers increase productivity and collaboration. The Post-it® Flex Write Surface, named one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2020, gives users the power to instantly transform work surfaces into a permanent marker friendly whiteboard.

      • Whether it’s old chalkboards, poorly performing dry erase boards, or underwhelming whiteboards that need a new look, Post-it® Flex Write Surface can resurface or refurbish any of them to become a premium dry-erase surface. As an excellent reusable alternative to paper that contains no PVC, these dry erase surfaces work with both dry erase and permanent markers, and require no harsh chemicals to clean off, only water.

      • The product comes in a variety of sizes for customizing any surface into a whiteboard, from journal size to an entire wall. And at a time where more and more individuals find themselves working remotely, this whiteboard’s evolution better fits today’s world. Key to setting up home offices, creative spaces and home-school environments is having productive resources that can perfectly fit any environment.

      • While maybe not obvious on the surface, the Post-it® Flex Write Surface is just as beneficial to the environment as it is to the places and things that live in it. In replacing and refurbishing old chalkboards or dry erase boards, we’re helping reduce landfill waste. And everything from the core and liner to the box the product comes in is recyclable.