• Top innovation award for 3M ACCR

    • The UK’s largest electricity transmission network operator, in partnership with 3M and the University of Manchester, received a top innovation prize for its pioneering work on overhead line conductors using 3M ACCR (Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced) to improve the efficiency of existing high-voltage transmission infrastructure.

      3M ACCR lightweight, high temperature, low-sag overhead line conductors are used to replace existing electrical conductors and double the transmission capacity of the line without the need to build new infrastructure. This removes bottlenecks in the system and can also connect other energy sources, such as electricity generated by windfarms, to the grid.

      The 3M solution is also quieter as the unique aluminum-based material and surface finish of ACCR reduces the corona discharge associated with standard conductors when they are wet or damp, which gives off a fizzing noise.