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      Design is not only about the products we manufacture, but also the way we express who we are as a company; that’s where brand design comes in. For over a century, 3M has leveraged multiple creative disciplines of design, including product, packaging, UX, and graphic design, to enhance and deliver innovative solutions to the world. Our understanding and approach to design has had an impact all across the globe. As 3M evolves, we want to bring to life our strengthened, strategic design ethos through core elements of our visual identity system such as color, typography, imagery, texture and integration across the global organization. 3M’s foundation of science expertise and problem-solving capability can be awe-inspiring, but the power of such impact also relies on our ability to creatively communicate our brand identity and connect with our customers to build meaningful relevance.

      Our new visual design system brings the 3M brand identity to life first through the foundational strength of the power of three. 3M is a diverse, multi-faceted organization that thrives on a culture both creative and collaborative. Core to our visual system is the integration of triangular shapes, conveying our multiple dimensions with a look that is sophisticated and precise in every detail.

      To mobilize consistency of look and feel around the globe, our new visual identity is designed to be a set of smart tools—not a rigid template system—from a vibrant color palette that represents our variety and versatility to dynamic, human-focused photography that reflects the impact of our design and innovation on life moments. We call this 3M Science. Applied to Life.™

      Learn how our internal design workbook, Compass, guides 3M designers to address sustainability issues throughout the innovation process.