• Dedicated to Developing Sustainable Solutions

    • 3M Infection Prevention Solutions is dedicated to developing sustainable solutions. To deliver on this promise, we challenged ourselves to rethink our surgical drapes–to develop a drape that was better for the planet, for patients and for OR staff. Introducing the improved 3M™ Steri-Drape™ Surgical Drapes, now made with plant-based renewable resources, featuring the same high-quality properties our customers expect from us: strike-through-resistant barrier, strength, adhesion, drapeability and low linting, plus improved absorption and ease of application.

      3M™ Steri-Drape™ Surgical Drapes reduce the environmental impact of medical disposables by decreasing the use of fossil fuels and have less CO2 emitted over the product lifecycle than our standard polypropylene surgical drape.

      What’s new:

      • Nonwoven layer contains 95% renewable plant-based material
      • 62% of entire fabric made from renewable plant-based material
      • 18% fewer fossil fuel resources used throughout the product life cycle
      • 10% less CO2 emitted during the product life cycle

      We are on a journey with our customers to develop ingenious, sustainable solutions that help address global healthcare challenges, while protecting the environment and promoting a healthier world.