3M facility employee wearing a white 3M hard hat in a building remodeling zone.

Employee experience

We invest in our people’s success

  • At 3M, we know that engaged employees are more productive and committed, more satisfied with their work, and more likely to stay longer. Working at 3M provides a range of development opportunities few other companies can offer.

    Throughout the organization, we foster a culture of continuous learning to help employees develop the skills of tomorrow. We also provide competitive benefits and recognition programs to support employees throughout their career.

Key impacts in 2022

  • Learning and development

    We introduced 3M Learn, a new integrated learning and development platform that replaces several disparate learning platforms and consolidates them into one flexible central system. By retiring legacy platforms and streamlining the experience, we’ve made it easy for employees to explore personalized learning content and resources. In 2022, 96% of our global production and nonproduction workforce engaged in self-directed training on 3M Learn or through in-person or other virtual experiences. 3M provided 25 hours of learning and development experience for our full-time equivalent (FTE) employees in 2022.

  • Employee recognition

    Everyday Wins is our global point-based recognition tool that’s a convenient way to recognize fellow employees or groups when they embody 3M’s culture elements or go above and beyond. Our entire workforce can give and receive recognition points in real time on the platform. In 2022, the equivalent of more than $17 million in points was awarded by and sent to employees. The points can be redeemed for merchandise or gift cards or donated to charitable organizations.

  • Flexible work models

    Following on the success of Work Your Way, a trust-based model that allows our nonproduction employees options for on-site, hybrid, or remote work, we explored flexible work opportunities for production employees as well.

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