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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Equity and inclusion unlock the power of diversity

  • We know that people with different experiences, racial and ethnic backgrounds, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, personalities, styles, and ways of thinking help us better understand the needs of 3M customers, suppliers, and community partners around the world.

    Recruiting and retaining a diverse global workforce is a core part of 3M’s sustainability strategy. In addition, we’re committed to advancing equity across our organization at all levels and to creating an inclusive culture where all feel welcome.

Key impacts
  • Global Diversity Index

    To measure progress against our goal to double the pipeline of diverse talent in management globally by 2030, we use 3M’s global Diversity Index, which measures the percentage of 3M management that is diverse across a wide spectrum of dimensions. Since 2015, we’ve improved our global Diversity Index from 32.6% to 45.1% as we progress toward our 2030 goal of 65.2% — or double our 2015 percentage.

  • Inclusive culture

    To advance a culture of inclusion, we sponsor employee-led Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) that help execute our vision. ERNs may be organized around a racial identity, military status, or other affiliation. For example, our Diverse Abilities Network aims to make a difference in the 3M community by supporting people with disabilities and those who care for them. In 2023, this ERN expanded its global reach to all 3M operational areas.

  • Enhanced recruitment

    We continue to advance our efforts in hiring, retaining, and developing talent that reflects the demographics of broader workforce availability. To help us monitor our progress and provide transparency, we share an internal quarterly scorecard of our progress on the global Diversity Index and hiring metrics, as well as data on supplier diversity and community investments.

  • Community outreach

    The 3M Community Coalition is a group of diverse leaders from across Minneapolis and St. Paul. Formed in 2020, it helps guide our $50 million investment with a focus on racial equity challenges in St. Paul. The coalition’s input guided our decision to invest in students’ basic needs, expand our internal equity initiatives, and leverage 3M’s assets and competencies to advance equity.

Additional information

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