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Community engagement

Making a difference in the world through science

  • 3M is committed to leveraging our people, products, and philanthropy to support communities through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, workforce development, and community and environmental programs — with a focus on underrepresented populations and underserved communities. Through the work of 3M and 3M Foundation, we help build sustainable communities through strategic investments and the thoughtful involvement of 3M employees worldwide who volunteer to make a difference.

    We also recognize the need to support disadvantaged families with basic needs and services to thrive in their local community — so we dedicate a portion of our giving to hometown priority issues led by site leaders globally.

Progress toward our community goals

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    $23.6 million invested toward our goal to:

    Invest $50 million to address racial opportunity gaps in the U.S. through workforce development and STEM education initiatives by the end of 20251

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    1.04 million toward our goal to:

    Advance economic equity by creating 5 million unique STEM and skilled trades learning experiences for underrepresented individuals by the end of 20252

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    $82.1 million toward our goal to:

    Invest cash and products for education, community, and environmental programs by 2025

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    81,800 hours toward our goal to:

    Provide 300,000 work hours of skills-based volunteerism by 3M employees to improve lives and help solve society’s toughest challenges by the end of 20253

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    4.91 million toward our goal to:

    Provide training to 5 million people globally on worker and patient safety by 2025

  1. Established in 2021.
  2. 2021 is the baseline measurement year. 3M defines underrepresented individuals in the U.S. using National Science Foundation research. For global definitions, we rely on gender diversity and local context for marginalized populations.
  3. Goal was initiated in 2019. Skills-based volunteering is primarily delivered through the 3M Impact program.

Key impacts in 2022

  • Closing racial equity gaps

    As a science-based manufacturing company, we’re motivated to support a more equitable pathway to science, manufacturing, and skilled trades jobs. To that end, we invested another $11.6 million as part of our $50 million incremental giving commitment over five years.  

  • Environmental justice

    Throughout 2021 we accelerated our efforts around environmental justice, building our expertise and our relevant responsibilities as an organization. In 2022 we created the role of director of environmental justice to develop and elevate a global environmental justice program. We’ve advanced a cohesive strategy for working alongside underserved communities and are starting to implement it at initial sites.

  • STEM experiences

    We’ve reinvigorated our volunteer Science Encouragement Programs, which connect students with 3M scientists and engineers and inspire them to pursue science careers.

    Programs include:


    • 3M Visiting Wizards – In partnership with the Bakken Museum, 3M volunteers provide science demonstrations and hands-on experiments to K-12 students
    • 3M Tech Talks – Connects students, especially women and minorities, with 3M role models from a variety of technical job positions, degree levels, and backgrounds


    In addition, our global teams actively foster diversity and equity in STEM careers through programs including FIRST® Robotics sponsorships as well as partnerships with schools and nonprofit organizations in their local community.

Additional information

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