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Using science to improve lives around the world

  • Leveraging science, innovation, and collaboration, 3M helps solve global challenges like climate change, public health and safety, environmental justice, and inequities in communities around the world.

    We recognize the importance of equal access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and careers, as well as to training and development in the skilled trades. Equitable opportunities in STEM and the skilled trades lead to stronger communities, a stronger 3M, and a brighter collective future. We also commit to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and social and environmental justice within our company and communities. Together with our partners, we will advance an equitable and sustainable future for all.

We lead with culture

  • At 3M, we want our approximately 85,000 employees to focus on making an impact on the world and feel empowered to bring innovation into their work. As we build 3M for the future, strengthening our culture is a top priority.

    Building and nurturing meaningful connections inside of 3M as well as with our local communities is fundamental to our sustainability strategy. We listen to and engage with communities to understand and identify ways to maximize our impact.

    We will continue to advance our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and commitments toward equity in our work environments, business practices, and communities globally.

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Our social goals

We've set ambitious goals within the Science for Community pillar of our Strategic Sustainability Framework.

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Social news from around the world

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