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Building a more sustainable world

3M leverages science to create a brighter future. Learn about our 2023 performance in our 2024 Global Impact Report.

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Measuring our progress

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Our purpose is clear

More than ever, we need science to create a more positive future where everyone can thrive. The resilience of our planet, our people, and our economy depends on it.

As the expectations of our customers, employees, investors, and stakeholders continue to grow, we set meaningful and measurable goals that demonstrate our ESG commitments and progress. Our employees are driven to pursue these goals and make a difference in the world — and we’re proud of the recognition their efforts have earned for 3M.

  • We're committed to innovate to accelerate global climate solutions, decarbonize industry, and do more with less to strengthen the circular economy.

  • We back initiatives that foster sustainable communities, including projects that promote STEM and skilled trades education, protect ecosystems, support local economies, and enhance livelihoods.

  • Our corporate governance practices serve the long-term interests of our shareholders, strengthen 3M’s Board of Directors and management, and further enhance public trust in 3M. 

Sustainability leadership

Our Strategic Sustainability Framework

We approach our sustainability work through our Strategic Sustainability Framework. Its three pillars of Science for Circular, Science for Climate, and Science for Community help guide our business decisions and strategy, as well as how we focus our efforts on local and global community impact. 

Learn more about our strategy

  • Green circle with Science for Circular text to the right.

    Design solutions that do more with less material, advancing a global circular economy.

  • Blue circle with Science for Climate text to the right.

    Innovate to accelerate global climate solutions and decarbonize industry.

  • Yellow circle with Science for Community text to the right.

    Create a more positive world through science and inspire people to join us.

Informing our strategy

  • We continually look to our stakeholders to help us increase our understanding, broaden our awareness, seek technical input and expertise, and evaluate possible collaborations and strategic partnerships.

  • The concept of risk appetite and tolerance is an essential component of our strategic planning, and it’s the responsibility of our senior business leaders to plan accordingly.

3M sustainability news

See the latest news on how we drive our environmental, social, and governance impacts.