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Sustainability at 3M

Addressing the challenges facing our global community today requires persistence, creativity and a child-like curiosity.  We’re on it. 

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Our Strategy


  • Building on our long-standing leadership in environmental stewardship and commitment to customer-inspired innovation, we are focusing our Sustainability strategy on overcoming the global challenges that serve as barriers to improving every life. This means addressing challenges like energy availability and security, raw material scarcity, human health and safety, education and development, while keeping our vision for growth in mind.

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Goals and Progress


  • The only thing we like better than a great idea is great results. When it comes to sustainability, excellence lies in the evidence. From cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 57% to using less water and releasing fewer pollutants, our sustainability efforts are paying off. Read more.

Message from Our Chairman

As a company serving a multitude of industries in nearly every country on the planet, we recognize the opportunity we have: to grow our business while solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

This requires, first and foremost, collaboration — with our customers, partners, and stakeholders. It means understanding the everyday Sustainability challenges faced by our customers, the important commitments companies and governments have made, and how all of this impacts the bigger picture — the large, long-term societal issues that must be faced to empower generations to come.

  • Inge Thulin CEO

    We look forward to forging new approaches that serve both business and society.

    At the same time, we recognize the progress we have made throughout 2016, which demonstrates the value of keeping Sustainability in our sights at all times, and in all of the places 3M operates:

    • We continued using science to develop products that address challenges facing our customers and our global community, including enhancing human health, promoting access to clean water, increasing energy efficiency, and enabling safe work environments.
    • We released a new parental leave policy that extends the amount of leave while including both biological and adoptive parents, which is designed to help all parents play active roles in their families.
    • We partnered with the Smithsonian to open the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., by providing financial and product support.
    • A survey by the National Institute of High School Scholars ranked 3M as the top place to work for millennials.
    • We convened customer conversations focused on Sustainability, and embedded Sustainability into our business strategies across the  company and the globe.

    We also began our journey toward our 2025 Sustainability Goals, which include investing in sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and water management; helping our customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through the use of our products; promoting worker and patient safety in health care and industrial settings, and strengthening our workforce by doubling 3M’s pipeline of diverse leaders by 2025.

    In collaboration with our customers, partners and stakeholders, 3M will reach these goals. We will continue to invest in developing products that help our customers reach their targets, while increasing our own Sustainability efforts in accordance with the UN Global Compact and its principles.

    Inge G. Thulin
    Chairman of the Board,
    President and Chief Executive Officer, 3M

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