What We Create

Our customers’ challenges are our challenges.

  • Using our 46 technology platforms and collaborative culture, we invent products that help our customers solve the issues they are facing in many areas, including health, safety, and energy.

    We are not stopping here.

    We have established an aggressive goals for 2025, ranging from investing in sustainable materials and energy efficiency, to community-wide approaches to water management and helping our customers reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We have also set 2025 goals around building a diverse workforce and educating individuals on worker and patient safety in healthcare and industrial settings.

  • Our Customers

    Our Customers

    Where many companies view the topic of Sustainability in product development as a challenge, at 3M we have taken an offensive approach, working to identify and understand future Sustainability needs, and to expand our portfolio of products with Sustainability advantages.

    By embedding Sustainability into our research and development (R&D) process, our brands and the mindset of our suppliers and customers, we’re able to move 3M’s growth to new levels and advance our commitment to improving our business, our planet, and every life.

  • Innovation Management

    Innovation Management

    At 3M, we believe science is just science – until you use it to improve the world. That is 3M Science.  Applied to Life.™

    We are a company rooted in scientific exploration and discovery.  We believe that every problem has a solution. All our businesses are connected by our fundamental strengths – technology, manufacturing, global capabilities, and our brand - which allow us to invent, build, and sell products across our vast global network.

    Research and development (R&D) is our heartbeat.  We continue to invest in R&D, in close partnership with our customers and the marketplace.  R&D fosters a constant stream of unique and cutting-edge products, which drive organic growth.  In fact, in 2017, we invested 1.87 billion (USD) or nearly 6 percent of our sales back into R&D.  We are committed to continue our investment in R&D.


Our Products

3M serves customers through five business groups, which increases speed and efficiency by sharing technology, manufacturing, marketing and other resources across all business groups.

  • Consumer


    Making life easier and more productive at home and work.

    Supplying an array of innovative products that keep homes cleaner, offices organized and buildings well-maintained, our consumer business is home to some of our most iconic brands and well-known products, including Post-it®, Scotch®, Scotch-Brite®, Filtrete™, O-Cel-O™, Nexcare™, and Command™.

  • Electronics & Energy

    Electronics & Energy

    Advancing a connected world.

    We turn 3M technology into difference-making solutions for customers in electronics and energy markets around the world.  We contribute to reliable sources of power including solutions that improve the dependability, cost-effectiveness, and performance of electronic devices; electrical products, including infrastructure protection; and power generation and distribution helping connect the world’s power grid.

  • Health Care

    Health Care

    From preventing infections to making smiles brighter and food safer.

    Supplying innovative and reliable products that help health care professionals improve the quality and efficiency of care, we are a global leader in medical and oral care products, and drug delivery and health information systems. We are also bringing enhanced contaminant screening technology to the food safety table.

  • Industrial


    From purification to aerospace, we change how industry works.

    We provide thousands of innovative products including tapes, abrasives, adhesives, specialty materials, and filtration systems to dozens of diverse markets—from aerospace and automotive to purification and construction to general manufacturing. All, with a transformed approach to customer engagement.

  • Safety & Graphics

    Safety & Graphics

    From protecting people and improving road safety and mobility to enhancing visual and design communication.

    Our products — personal protective equipment, safety and security products, track and trace solutions and more — increase the safety, security and productivity of people, locations and systems around the world. Also, we inspire creative communication and design with a broad portfolio of graphic solutions that enhance visual impact.

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At 3M we view Sustainability in product development as an opportunity.  Learn how we collaborate with customers to create products and solutions to help solve challenges.

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