• Playing it cool in data centers

    3M's 2018 Sustainability Report - Playing it cool in data centers

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    • With the explosive growth of the internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and high-performance computing (HPC), data centers are powering dramatic changes not just in business but in quality of life. However, with this constant use of data, it’s no surprise that data centers are working hard to keep up, presenting both great opportunities and great challenges.

      One of the biggest challenges is the massive amount of energy that data centers consume in order to operate. In the U.S., for example, data centers consume some 2 percent of the total energy consumption according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), much of it simply to run chiller units and fans to air-cool the computing hardware.

      To help alleviate the cost of server cooling and its impact on the environment, 3M is helping lead the immersion cooling revolution for data centers.

    • How does immersion cooling work?

      Immersion cooling involves putting electronics directly in a non-conductive fluid, allowing heat to be transferred directly from components into the heat transfer fluid. In traditional cooling systems, heat must transfer through several levels of thermal interface materials, air, heat exchangers and working fluids. Immersion cooling simplifies thermal design and increases heat transfer efficiency.

      Liquid immersion cooling using 3M fluids contributes to a lower cost of ownership in many ways.   As efficient heat conductors, they need less cooling machinery and less space between components.  The improved cooling capacity means you can position electronics closer together - so you can fit 10 times the compute density in a given space. And with greater thermal efficiency, processing power can be increased dramatically.

      Finally, liquid immersion cooling eliminates airborne contaminants and simplifies thermal design to reduce moving parts. This means data centers can run their electronics at full capacity with less wear and tear.

      Learn more about the secret formula making a splash by helping protect your tech: here