Say goodbye to rework

Say goodbye to rework

You don’t have to sacrifice quality or cut corners to make your productivity skyrocket. See what 3M solutions can do for your business.

Reduce rework and improve productivity

Save time, work more efficiently and improve your overall productivity with 3M adhesives for all your applications. See how 3M Adhesives can streamline your workflow.


    • Provides professional, industrial strength for demanding applications
    • Comes with a variable-width web spray pattern
    • Designed specifically for foams and fabrics
    • Dispenses with a lace-spray pattern optimized for foam bonding
    • General purpose 100% solids adhesive
    • 50 second open time allows for adjustment and positioning
    • Lightweight designs offer easy handling
    • Uniquely designed for 3M™ Hot Melt adhesives sticks
    • Removes cleanly and resists stains on common surfaces, such as painted metal, plastic and glass
    • Proprietary 3M pressure- sensitive rubber adhesive is specifically formulated to adhere evenly and bond firmly to long lasting hold
    • Bonds to a number of substrates, including plastics and rubbers
    • Precise application: pinch container for a precise drop or squeeze for a steady bead
    • Off-white, 0.0625 in. (1.6 mm) open-cell, flexible urethane foam carrier fills gaps and helps bond to irregular surfaces
    • Durable foam is ideal for interior mounting applications
    • Resists paint bleed-through
    • Good conformability to irregular surfaces
    • Ideal for industrial paint masking, bundling, holding, marking, color coding and sealing

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