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  • For the last four years, 3M has launched the annual State of Science Index to track attitudes about science through multi-country original research. Last year, we released two waves of data at once: one from our typical global survey, fielded pre-pandemic in August-October 2019, the other from a pulse survey conducted in the summer of 2020, after the pandemic hit. This year’s 2021 survey, now the fifth wave of State of Science Index data, was fielded in February-March 2021, around one year into the pandemic.

    Our data explorer tools enable you to view every question in the survey, and allows you to filter all responses by country, age, income and more.

2021 State of Science Survey Explorer

The 2021 State of Science Index survey was fielded in February-March 2021, about one year into the pandemic. This research captures how science is perceived currently, and how this perception has been impacted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and other recent events.