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Metal Fabrication for Specialty Vehicles

As a design or process engineer, you need to improve metalwork production, ultimately reducing time and cost, while providing your customers with an aesthetically pleasing specialty vehicle they are proud to own. Whether you are manufacturing travel trailers, fifth-wheel travel trailers, motorhomes, RVs, box trucks, delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, or emergency vehicles- striking a balance between strength and finesse is crucial. 3M offers a variety of abrasives that will provide you with a solution regardless of your application needs.

  • Metalworking and welding can be a dangerous job, especially when there are pressures to improve speed and efficiency. 3M recognizes that welders often face unique industry hazards. Help keep your workers safe during welding operations with 3M’s wide range of standalone welding helmets and welding respiratory systems, allowing them to get the job done quickly and safely.

  • Remove epoxy, protective paint, mill scale, oils, rust, oxide coatings and primers/paints to clean and prepare the surface for welding.

  • Beveling is an important step to prepare metal on your specialty vehicle for welding. For heavy plate material requiring multiple weld passes, back gouging and root pass cleaning with 3M Cubitron II Cut and Grind wheels enable fast, smooth cutting with less chatter. Prepare your specialty vehicle for better weld seams using 3M Silver Abrasives and 3M Cubitron II grinding wheels.

  • Sharp burrs and slag produced by cutting or drilling metal during production have the potential to shred other materials or handlers. 3M abrasives allow you to smooth your surface and cut through slag.

  • Using 3M industry leading abrasive products may help result in level and blended welds on your specialty vehicle.

  • When preparing a surface for painting, 3M Scotch Brite Light Grinding and Blending (LGB) discs can often get the job done without adding an additional random orbital sanding step. Using 3M LGB disks can lead to increased productivity that helps you get the jobs done faster- and more efficiently.

  • You only have one chance when cutting metal parts for your specialty vehicle. This means choosing the right tools to help save time and money. 3M abrasives allow for fast and smooth cutting through even the toughest metals, improving productivity and throughput.

Specialty Vehicles Support

Our technical service representatives are available to assist customers in using 3M products in the most effective way possible. They can help you with employee training as well as consultations regarding product efficiency, automated solutions and other issues related to 3M products.