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Exterior Assembly for Specialty Vehicles

While manufacturing travel trailers, fifth-wheel travel trailers, motorhomes, RVs, box trucks, delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, and emergency vehicles, exterior assembly should be top of mind. The wide range of 3M adhesives and tapes allows for fast and durable bonding on the exterior of a specialty vehicle- in some applications these may be strong enough to replace traditional rivets and screws. In addition, our bonding solutions contribute to light weighting and could help prevent corrosion by using less metal and heavy material.

Exterior Attaching & Bonding

When attaching and bonding parts to the exterior of your specialty vehicles, look to 3M for smooth-sided specialty vehicle solutions. Leaders in the specialty vehicle industry trust 3M to help build durable, good-looking and long-lasting motorhomes, RV towables, truck trailers and motor vehicle bodies. Using 3M tapes, adhesives and sealants may eliminate drilling, grinding, refinishing, screwing, welding and clean-up. By replacing welds and mechanical fasteners, you may increase the speed of application, long-term durability, design flexibility and improved aesthetics.

  • To prevent outside elements from entering your vehicle, sealing and cushioning material is crucial for many places on the body of a specialty vehicle. 3M offers strong yet flexible adhesives for a variety of weatherstripping, gasket, and external sealing applications that can withstand vibration and extreme temperature variations. In addition, converters offer infinite customizable die cut pieces that help put our trusted technology into the specific ready-for-manufacturing format you need, quickly improving the strength and performance of your designs.

  • When attaching additional material such as nameplates, badges and emblems to the exterior of a specialty vehicle, bondline aesthetics are an important factor to consider. 3M attachment tapes offer an easy peel-and-stick application for a highly-conformable, yet low-profile attachment that will allow you to add clean and eye-catching design to the specialty vehicle.

  • Bonding difficult composites using 3M™ VHB™ Tape and 3M™ Adhesive Sealants could help lightweight specialty vehicles while improving efficiency, ensuring permanent assembly of exterior side panels on your vehicle. The use of thinner, lighter weight and dissimilar materials allows for virtually invisible fastening, resulting in smooth and stable side panels on your motorhomes, RV towables, truck trailers and motor vehicle bodies.

  • In the midst of rapidly changing automotive trends, including electrification and autonomous vehicles- the use of sensors throughout specialty vehicles has increased. Improve efficiency of both manual and automated manufacturing processes with a wide variety of 3M attachment solutions, confidently ensuring your fixtures, mirrors, accessories and sensors are applied to last the life of the vehicle.

  • 3M’s fast and easy-to-use permanent bonding tapes provide long-lasting durability that instills confidence the vehicle’s roof will hold securely through sun, rain, snow, and extreme temperature and humidity.

Exterior Sealing

3M™ adhesive sealant and extreme sealing tapes are ideal for vertical and horizontal panel bonding and joint sealing resulting in process efficiencies without compromising the freedom of design.

  • The flexibility of 3M™ sealants and sealing tapes conform over screw heads, rivets, joints and other protrusions to provide protection from water intrusion, providing a high-performance seal that resists yellowing, cracking, chalking, and UV degradation. Multi-purpose adhesive and acrylic foam core offers a good balance of strength and conformability, creating a permanent seal against water, moisture and more. The use of thinner, lighter weight and dissimilar materials allows for virtually invisible fastening, resulting in smooth and stable side panels on your motorhomes, RV towables, truck trailers and motor vehicle bodies.

  • Seal glass and mirrors to the exterior of your specialty vehicle with bond lines that bend and flex to hold tight in vibration and seal tight against corrosive elements.

  • Our range of structural adhesive sealants are reliable and create a secure, high quality bond between the roof and the side panels of the specialty vehicle.

Safety Products for Exterior Assembly of Specialty Vehicles

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  • When assembling the exterior of a specialty vehicle, it is crucial that your employee’s safety remains top of mind. 3M offers a wide range of personal protective equipment, including fall protection equipment, head and face protection, hearing protection and eye protection.


Specialty Vehicles Support

Our technical service representatives are available to assist customers in using 3M products in the most effective way possible. They can help you with employee training as well as consultations regarding product efficiency, automated solutions and other issues related to 3M products.