Semiconductor manufacturing process.
Help protect your yield with long-lasting seals.

Maximize machine usage. Protect chip yield. Achieve and maintain production goals by utilizing 3M™ High Performance Sealing Material Solutions.


Fluoropolymers for high performance semiconductor seals and gaskets

Semiconductor manufacturing is trending in very clear directions: smaller, thinner and more powerful. Technologies like 5G, IoT and others drive the need for more demanding manufacturing processes than ever before. That means hotter temps, harsher chemicals and exposure to plasma. For seals and gaskets, that’s just the start.

  • 3M high temperature material sealing solutions: PFE/FKM seal example.

    A solution for every part of your semiconductor equipment

    3M™ Dyneon™ Fluoropolymers, including 3M™ Dyneon™ Perfluoroelastomers (PFE) and 3M™ Dyneon™ FKM can give semiconductor seals the ideal characteristics to help you meet your specific needs. Seals and gaskets can be more durable and help you keep your equipment running longer. They can also help you reduce your maintenance and downtime, and maximize your overall semicon production efficiency.

    Typical applications include:

    • PFE & FKM O-Rings
    • PFE Chamber Lid Seals
    • PFE Bonded Seals
    • PFE Pump Linings

    Download the brochure (PDF, 3.24 MB)

Let us help you specify the ideal seals and gaskets for semicon

  • Diagram representing different way seals and gaskets can help semicon production.

    Deposition, plasma ashing, etching and other processes pose unique challenges to manufacturing equipment. Our full range of fluoropolymers, seals and gaskets can be made specifically to stand up to each one.

    • Temperature resistance
    • Ease of maintenance/replacement
    • Cost effective
    • Chemical resistance
    • Plasma resistance
    • Purity/low metal ion content

The true value of your equipment in semiconductor operations

As semiconductor equipment is subject to greater wear and tear, it’s more important than ever for semicon manufacturers to quantify their total cost and value over time. This goes well beyond the cost of the parts – especially for seals and gaskets. The right seals can last longer, and help you prevent costly failures. They can also be optimized for low stiction during replacement, so they can help you reduce your semiconductor equipment maintenance and minimize downtime.

  • Icon representing cost-effective 3M sealing solutions.

    Cost effective

    • Material costs: 3M has a breadth of solutions to help you meet your material cost needs.

      Installation costs: 3M™ Dyneon™ Perfluoroelastomers (PFE) combined with our proprietary catalysts can produce a low-sticking layer that makes seal installation and replacement faster and easier.

      Downtime costs: Excellent plasma resistance, compression set and chemical resistance can help extend O-ring life in some of the harshest environments – and keep machines up and running longer.

  • Icon representing ease of maintenance and replacement.

    Ease of maintenance & replacement

    • Used seals can stick to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, leading to long downtimes. 3M high-temperature PFE combined with our proprietary catalysts can generate a low-sticking layer that allows used seals to be removed more quickly. Installation and replacement are easier, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment is up and running faster.

The ideal seals – no matter what your semiconductor challenges

View PFE and FFKM Selection Guide (PDF, 386.85 KB)

Our 3M experts can help you choose the right materials for high performance seals for your semiconductor manufacturing equipment applications. Recipes can be optimized for a range of conditions such as high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and exposure to plasma while minimizing the total cost of ownership.


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