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Science at Home

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Science at Home

3M is committed to helping students and teachers learn STEM in fun and creative ways.

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    3M’s Science at Home makes learning fun with engaging and educational DIY science experiments for children ages 6-12.

    These simple, at-home experiments conducted by 3M scientists use common household items and are designed to reinforce core scientific principles. School systems, educators, parents, and caregivers are encouraged to use this educational content in classrooms and at home.

  • Science Experiments for Kids at Home

    Watch more science experiments designed, and tailored, for kids at home using commonly available items from around your place of living. Each experiment includes information on how to include them in your curriculum.

  • Do different light sources produce different light waves? In this activity, you will make a spectroscope, which is a device used for looking at the different colors that make up light.

  • Why does it only rain sometimes, and not whenever there are clouds in the sky? This experiment will model what is happening when clouds finally start to rain.

  • In this experiment, you will explore light refractions in water and the way light is made up of various colors using a jar or glass, water and a light source.

  • Follow along with 3M’s Chief Science Advocate, Jayshree Seth, as she teaches students how chemistry can help put some air where it’s most needed!

  • Scientist Spotlight:

    Learn about what inspired these real-life scientists to observe the world around them and the advice they have for aspiring scientists.

  • Tesha-Dampier: scientist spotlight
    Tesha Dampier
  • Gitanjali Rao: scientist spotlight
    Gitanjali Rao
  • Audrey Sherman: scientist spotlight
    Audrey Sherman
  • Camille Schrier: scientist spotlight
    Camille Schrier

Giving Back

  • 3M has a long history of supporting STEM and quality education programming.  We have specific goals to advance equitable outcomes in STEM and Skilled Trades for underrepresented and under-resourced students.

    Learn more about 3M’s educational giving and partner organizations here.

Science at Home is made possible through collaboration with Discovery Education, the Bakken Museum and Scientific American.