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    Advancing food safety. On-demand webinars.


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    Advancing food safety. On-demand webinars.

    Learn about the many factors that impact food safety from noted industry experts. Free of charge. The webinars address everything from facility cleanliness and sanitation to the many factors that impact food safety.

    • Food production line

      Food safety testing is a complex operation. One that demands equal parts speed and accuracy. And with all the changes in technology and requirements, it can be challenging to stay up-to-date. That's why 3M created a series of webinars. These resources can help keep your facility compliant and your food safe.

      As part of our effort to advance food safety through smart innovation, we offer free, on-demand webinars. The webinar series features noted food safety industry experts Dr. Ann Draughon and Dr. Martin Wiedmann discussing Environmental Monitoring and Sampling (EMS) programs. These webinars will help you learn about microorganisms, key reasons for having an EMS program, and how to effectively monitor, sample and test your products. You'll also learn about the real costs of failure through case studies.

      Visit our food safety learning connection page to find out more.