1. Informed security for a safer campus.
3M Safety
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    Informed security for a safer campus.


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    Informed security for a safer campus.

    Automated license plate recognition. Applied to safer campuses. The technology behind keeping college campuses safe, so students can focus on learning, growing, and exploring.

    • Campus parking lot.

      When students go off to college, they look forward to new experiences. Exciting adventures. Personal growth. They shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they’re safe on their campus. Unfortunately, campus crime is a serious issue across the nation.

      3M Science is dedicated to making college campuses safer and more secure with Automated License Plate Recognition technology (ALPR).

      ALPR allows two different kinds of observation. Fixed cameras for 24/7 monitoring. And mobile cameras attached to vehicles to provide on-the-go surveillance, whether during crime response or day-to-day parking lot enforcement.

      When ALPR captures license plate numbers, it instantly checks them against databases. If a plate is a match, the system immediately alerts security officers so they can assess the situation. It’s also possible to build extensive license plate databases and hotlists so security personnel can customize the technology for their specific location.

      ALPR helps inform security so they can help keep campuses safer for students. Because college is a time for learning and self-discovery.