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    See your work in a brand new light.


    • Man welding in a 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet

      The world is filled with "what if" questions fueling some of science's greatest achievements, from questions as aspirational as "What if we could fly?" to as practical as "What if welding helmets were more comfortable?"

      We observed welders on the job and saw how they constantly nodded their heads up to set their weld, then back down to protect themselves from arc flash. So, we designed 3M™ Speedglas™ Auto-Darkening Filters to help them see their work in a brand new light. These filters act like near-instant transition lenses, using electronics, liquid crystals, and polarizing elements to automatically shift between dark and clear states.

      But we haven't stopped there — we continue to see the challenges welders face and pushed the limits in response. We've developed helmets with hard-hat protection, broader fields of view, more comfortable, ergonomic head suspensions, and unique graphic designs. Seeing is believing.

      With observation comes a deep understanding to answer almost any "what if" question. Heavy industries require multi-protection – by observing and talking to welders, we continue to create innovative solutions. Broaden your view of safety.

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