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Best Practices for Selecting and Implementing Tolling RFID and ALPR Solutions

Presented by:

David Missimer, Technical Manager, 3M Traffic Safety

Dwight Jordan, Global Business Development Manager, 3M Traffic Safety

Topics Include:

  • Analyze typical considerations and challenges facing toll road deployments
  • Use Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to drive decision making proces
  • Review checklists for defining and evaluating RFID and ALPR solutions
  • Case studies for past RFID and ALPR deployments

About the Webinars

The trends toward Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and Open Road Tolling (ORT) are leading toll road operators and integrators to carefully consider purchasing decisions. Even if operators and integrators don’t plan to adopt ORT today, they want to ensure today’s infrastructure investments will support ETC and ORT in the future.  This requires RFID and ALPR solutions to deliver a high read rate under challenging conditions such as high speed vehicles, dense traffic, various light and RF environments, license plates of different jurisdictions and/or formats, and more.  During this webinar 3M will share best practices observed from customers around the world on how to evaluate and deploy RFID and ALPR solutions.