• Study: No middle-of-the-road on traffic safety

    • A recently released study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that 89.1% of U.S. drivers believe that traffic safety is a serious issue – and nearly half have been personally affected by a serious crash.

    • The 2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index examining attitudes and behaviors among U.S. drivers asked 2,500 motorists aged 16 and older what they thought about distracted driving, impaired and drowsy driving, and aggressive driving. Most respondents said they believe traffic safety is a serious issue deserving attention, in summary, “A majority of drivers…perceive unsafe driver behaviors, such as speeding, talking on cell phones, texting and e-mailing, and red light running as serious threats to their personal safety.”

      These responses may be a reflection of personal experience. The study also found that:

      • nearly one in five drivers has been involved in a serious crash;
      • one in nine has been seriously injured in a crash; and
      • nearly one in three has had a friend or relative seriously injured or killed in a crash

      For more information on this study, view the 2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index (PDF, 1.6 MB)

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