Road and Highway Asset Management

Busy highway showing real time data for road asset maintenance.
Track and manage critical infrastructure in real time.

Take the pulse of your road and highway assets with solutions that help enhance productivity and peace of mind for you and your crew.

Roadway Safety Asset Manager
See comprehensive traffic asset data. Respond to roadway needs faster.

The best roads start with an enhanced understanding of assets.

  • Optimal road asset management is a combination of timely responses to damage and long-term planning. 3M Road Safety solutions make both tasks easier. Using impact detection, you gain access to instant notifications when an asset is damaged, helping you respond quickly. For ongoing maintenance needs, 3M asset management software delivers a map of your assets, their condition information and tools to assign important maintenance tasks.

    Instead of managing giant spreadsheets with inventory needs, cloud-based programs now provide immediate access to insightful data on an asset’s status. Using this real-time data, road maintenance crews can strategically plan their routes knowing exactly what assets require repairs or replacements.

    Improve efficiencies with solutions that are intuitive to use and comprehensive in scale. 3M Road Safety solutions help you make budget-conscious decisions, so you can deploy resources where they’re needed most. With our powerful asset management tools, your live asset data is immediately accessible and accurate.

Road and Highway Asset Management Products

Get comprehensive information about your road signs, pavement markings, crash cushions, guard rails and other road assets using real-time data. Whether you’re assessing asset replacement dates, planning material orders for tasks or responding to instant notifications when an asset is damaged, leverage cloud-based programs to gain a complete view of your road and highway infrastructure.

  • Know where your road assets are located and get immediate information about their age, condition, scheduled replacements and more. Use easy-to-navigate, cloud-based software to view customized data about your assets, and strategically plan routes to more efficiently maintain or replace them. Use asset insights to plan for future road safety needs.

  • Device that helps track real-time notifications of impacts to your road assets.
    Impact Detection System

    Use a mesh network of tunable, interconnected detection nodes, a single cellular-linked detection gateway and a cloud-based dashboard to get real-time notifications of impacts to your road assets. Efficiently and effectively replace your critical infrastructure as soon as possible. Help improve road safety and improve peace of mind for your crew. 3M's Impact Detection System will be available soon.

Road and highway asset management software designed with administrators, crew managers and maintenance crews in mind

  • Administrators use road and highway assent management software on a tablet.

    Optimize your agency’s road asset administration. Use insights and analyze data to efficiently address your safety and engineering challenges.

  • Road and highway manager speaks to her crew.
    Crew Manager

    Utilize a planning dashboard with work in process (WIP) information. Assign tasks, schedule asset maintenance and respond to asset damage. Balance workloads across resources up-to-date information.

  • Maintenance crew member uses road and highway assent management software on a tablet in the field.
    Field Crew

    Generate personalized maintenance checklists for crew members. Gain access to task records, log ongoing maintenance and create new tasks for damaged assets.


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