At 3M we are dedicated to improving transportation infrastructure and mobility so motorists can arrive at their destinations safely. Our high performance materials combine with innovative systems and services to help you bring the best roadways systems into reality. For over 80 years, we have shared in your mission to make our roadway safer.
View of the side of a sedan driving at night on a road with pavement markings, including arrows and a crosswalk
One goal: zero traffic fatalities

3M is on a mission to reduce fatalities on highways, city streets and intersections, and in construction zones. We are working toward zero deaths with innovations like wet reflective pavement markings and more visible road signs.

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    Safer roads are a product of collaboration
    Working together, we can help make their roadways safer. Whether it’s working for improved specifications, partnering with transportation organizations or simply understanding issues on a local level, 3M is your ally in safer roads.

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    Service and support at your side

    We deliver support to our customers through a combination of global presence and local responsiveness. It’s our recipe for ensuring you have the support you need whenever and wherever you need it.

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    A family of products dedicated to safety

    Keeping drivers safe in your community is not the result of a single product; it’s the result of a full suite of solutions that work in harmony to offer clear and consistent visual cues for navigation and traffic control.

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    Education drives safer roads

    With the science and technology behind transportation safety always changing, we keep you aware of the various solutions via webinar and articles, during one-to-one meetings, at our innovation centers and through innovative programs like the Transportation Safety Roadshow.

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    Urban safety demo van

    See our latest technologies for helping you drive toward safer streets. Find out how you can have the 3M Urban Safety Demo Van visit your agency or event.

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    High performance sheeting

    Help improve road safety with highly visible traffic signs giving drivers visual cues that provide critical information—particularly at night, dawn and dusk. Set your standards high with Type XI Sheeting.

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    Wet retroreflective markings

    Visibility when it counts -- help drivers navigate dark and rainy roads with our continuous wet retroreflective pavement markings.

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    Road Safety Academy

    We’re here to help provide the education you need to do your job, creating safe transportation for motorist and other road users. We’ve put together a set of on-demand courses to help educate you on 3M Road Safety products and services.

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  • For superior retroreflectivity in both dry and wet conditions, we combined durable beads with multiple refractive index beads for pavement-marking products that provide excellent visibility to drivers.

    In addition, 3M offers cloud-based solutions for tracking road asset condition and maintenance needs, and a system that provides real-time notifications when critical assets are damaged and need to be returned to safe working order.

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  • Cities are growing faster than ever and new modes of transportation are here, posing safety and mobility challenges to cities.

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  • Help your youngest pedestrians get to and from school safely with highly visible signage and road markings to attract the attention of drivers as they enter the school zone, this helps to keep the areas around the school safe for pedestrians and other motorists.

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  • Help drivers navigate through unfamiliar work zones with high visibility temporary traffic control signs and pavement markings. Our retroreflective and fluorescent color technologies not only guide drivers, they also help ensure a safer work zone environment even at night and in the rain.

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  • Whether it’s retroreflective sign sheeting for road signs, guide signs or delineation devices, 3M sign sheeting meets the requirements of today’s complex and demanding traffic environment.

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  • Maximize visibility with 3M reflective tape and conspicuity markings. Maximize the visibility of trucks and trailers, school buses, railcars and and emergency vehicles.

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