People in a cafe looking at someone's laptop screen to see their information.
Visual hacking is real

And it’s happening globally. Computer screens are at risk of exposing sensitive information, but 3M can help.

Learn how to protect your screens from visual hackers.

Visual privacy in a changing workplace

An eye-opening look at the importance of screen security — in the office and beyond.

In a 2021 study sponsored by 3M, the Ponemon Institute investigated how COVID-19 and the global shift to remote and hybrid work have impacted workplace privacy and data security. In total, 564 IT and IT security managers and 617 business managers in the United States were surveyed. All were from organizations that required employees to work from home due to COVID-19.

The results are alarming and demonstrate the importance of screen security and visual privacy in the workplaces of today and tomorrow.¹

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    Remote work has exploded.

    The average percentage of employees working remotely has nearly tripled since COVID-19, from 24% to 65%.¹

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    New workplaces bring new risks.

    64% of IT security managers were very concerned that prying eyes will hack sensitive information on remote workers’ screens.¹

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    Managers are also at risk.

    Only 34% of business managers found it possible to prevent others from viewing their screens while working from home.¹

The statements, information, views, and opinions expressed in this report are those of the persons being interviewed by the Ponemon Institute and do not necessarily reflect 3M's factual understanding or its views or opinions. While this report was sponsored by 3M, 3M did not participate in the interviews, the preparation for the interviews or the gathering of responses of those being interviewed. The report is intended for occupational use by persons with the knowledge and technical skills to use such information. It is supplemental only and is not intended to replace any detailed information about 3M products that can be found in written 3M Product Literature.

Office visual hacking risk areas

Take the risk out of these key risk areas by addressing points of vulnerability in the workplace.

Understanding the methods of visual hackers can also help protect your visual privacy in the office. Organizational leadership can identify common points of visual hacking to help reduce vulnerability. Login credentials, classified documents, corporate financials and more are at stake.

Illustration of a person walking through an office
Take a walk through your office

Virtually any screen you can see can also be seen by a visual hacker.

  • Illustration of person looking at screens in an office
    Anyone can be a visual hacker.

    How many visitor and contractors walk through your office every day? Even your own employees may see sensitive information.

  • Illustration of a person looking at screens in an open office environment
    Open office designs are prime targets.

    The low walls and shared workspaces in many contemporary open office environments mean more screens are visible to more people.

  • Illustration of person looking through a glass office wall
    Be aware of common areas and glass walls.
    Lunchrooms, break rooms, conference rooms, and glass office walls and doors are all open season for prying eyes.

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Helping you prevent visual hacking

Encouraging awareness of visual privacy in the workplace and equipping screens with 3M™ Privacy Products is a great way to help you or your company reduce the risk of visual hacking.

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    Keep visual hackers in the dark

    3M™ Screen Privacy Products use advanced microlouver and nanolouver technology to block side views while providing a bright, crisp and clear view for the intended user.

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¹ “The Impact of the New Normal on Workplace Privacy: A Study of Business and IT and IT Security Managers Presented by Ponemon Institute.” Sponsored by 3M Company and independently conducted by Ponemon Institute. June 2021. (PDF, 4.01 MB)