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  • Get medium voltage electrical jobs done faster with a termination kit from 3M. 3M™ Cold Shrink Terminations QT-II and QT-III have a removable core which makes installation easier. They are lightweight, giving you the options of free-hanging or bracket-mounted arrangements, and that is why the ‘QT’ stands for Quick Termination.

    A “living seal” provides added protection in harsh environments.

    3M™ Cold Shrink technology utilizes a high-dielectric constant (Hi-K) stress control tube and conformable Hi-K stress controlling compound. The termination is made from pre-stretched rubber wrapped around a core. When the core is removed, the rubber provides a constant inward pressure on the cable, forming a seal which expands and contracts with variations in temperature and load.

    All of our medium voltage terminations feature:

    Specially formulated silicone rubber for high track resistance

    UV resistance and hydrophobic properties

    Step core design for simpler installation and wider application range

    Built-in high dielectric (Hi-K) stress controlling mastic compound (3M QT-III only)

    Use the data from the spec sheet of the cable you will be using to make sure you pick the 3M cold shrink termination kit that is right for you.

    Please note: the outside diameter (OD) of the insulation is the final determining factor in correctly choosing which kit you will need – not the OD of the cable jacket. The OD of the insulation may also be referred to on your cable spec sheet as “the diameter over insulation.” Fill in all fields to refine results as some terminations may be displayed multiple times since they can be used at various voltage levels, insulation levels and conductor sizes. Lugs are sold separately.

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