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Leave your car wrapping to the pros.

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Wrapping a vehicle is a delicate and intricate process and making one mistake can ruin the entire installation. Here are a few reasons you should leave this type of project to the professionals:

  • You don’t want bubbled or curling film!
  • Bumpy film? No thanks!
  • Patchy Appearance – Leopard print anyone?

If you want your wrap done right the first time, hiring a certified graphics installer can help you avoid these common, yet detrimental mistakes. Certified installers can also offer additional recommendations to help you personalize your vehicle.

Fun Fact: Some of the best installers in the country come to 3M to learn how to install films correctly. The certification process includes a rigorous written and hands-on test which involves applying graphics to surfaces such as floors, walls, textured walls, trailers and vans/autos, so you can trust a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company or a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer to deliver the wrap you’re dreaming of. Find a 3M installer in your area:

Sources: 15 DIY Vinyl Wrap Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car’s Appearance. Retrieved from http://www.skinzwraps.com/5-diy-vinyl-wrap-mistakes/

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Contact a professional installer to start your restyle.

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