How to choose the right restyler

A good installation requires proper knowledge, extensive training and the right facility to do the job correctly. To identify the best restyler for your vehicle wrap, it’s important to keep the three “E’s” in mind:

  • Experience – The value and quality an experienced restyler provides significantly outweighs discounted prices offered by a company with minimal experience and training. Before selecting a restyler, research the company’s professional certifications and review photos of completed projects.1
  • Environment – The facility where an installation takes place must be impeccably clean. A clean shop will help avoid debris from showing through a wrap and prevent larger particles from creating holes and rips in the film. Additionally, the temperature of the environment should be between 55 and 75 degrees for installation. When it’s too hot, vinyl becomes sticky and stretchy. In the cold, it becomes brittle and hard to stretch.
  • Equipment – When you walk into a restyling shop you’ll want to verify that they have the correct tools for the job. These include:
    • A squeegee for a smooth and straight application
    • Knifeless tape to cut through the film without a knife
    • Wrap gloves to prevent fingerprinting
    • A heat gun to help soften the film before it is applied to your vehicle

Remember, you can always ask to have a tour of the shop before making a final decision to ask questions in-person, see installations in progress and get to know the restyler who will be working on your vehicle.

3M Certified Graphics Installation Companies and 3M Preferred Graphics Installers are guaranteed to follow the three “E’s”, ensuring you get the best product and application for your vehicle. These installers come to 3M to learn how to install films correctly. They undergo a rigorous written and hands-on test which involves applying graphics to surfaces such as floors, walls, textured walls, trailers and vans/autos.


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Contact a professional installer to start your restyle.