The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Face Mask

The Dos and Dont’s of wearing a Face Mask

Along with physical distancing, wearing a non-medical face mask is an important way to show you care about your community's well-being — but only if you wear them correctly. Follow these simple steps to make sure you do it right.

Do this

  • Choose a high-quality face mask.

    3M™ Daily Face Masks feature two breathable layers, adjustable ear loops and a bendable nose clip that makes shaping the mask to your face easier.

  • Make sure your face mask is clean.

    Whether you're wearing a reusable mask or a disposable mask, it's important to check for dirt or damage before putting it on — and if it's damaged, use a new one. With reusable masks, be sure to wear one that's freshly washed or hasn't been worn before.

  • Wash your hands

    Wash your hands before putting your mask on, and again when taking it off.

    When putting your hands near your face, it’s especially important that they’re clean. Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds and dry them thoroughly. Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are unavailable.
  • Choose a mask

    Choose a mask that conforms comfortably to your face.

    A mask that’s too big or too small makes it difficult to properly cover your face.

  • Cover your nose and mouth

    Cover your nose and mouth.

    Your face mask should cover both your nose and mouth at all times for best results.

  • Try these tips for glasses

    Try these tips to keep your glasses from fogging up!

    Once you’ve pressed your mask’s nose clip against your face, rest the nose pads of your glasses on the topmost part of your mask to keep your breath from fogging up the glass. Or, wash your glasses with soapy water before putting them on — the soap can leave an invisible film behind that acts as a fog barrier.

  • Keep masks in a clean, dry place

    Keep masks in a clean, dry place.

    Store your extra disposable and reusable masks somewhere where they won’t get wet or dirty. If you use 3M™ Daily Face Masks, you can safely keep it in the resealable pouch you purchased it in.

Don’t do this

  • Dont wear your mask upside down

    Don’t wear your face mask upside down

    Our reusable face masks feature an adjustable nose clip to ensure it sits snugly against your nose and face. If worn upside down, the mask won’t conform to your face as it should.

  • Dont touch your mask

    Don’t pinch your face mask’s nose clip.

    A pinched nose clip won’t fit as well and can result in a gap at the bridge of the nose. Use both hands to bend the nose clip until the mask is resting snugly against your nose and cheeks.
  • Dont tocuh your face

    Don’t touch your face while wearing your mask in public.

    It’s important to avoid touching your face because you may get germs on your hands — and risk spreading them to others, or potentially infecting yourself.
  • Dont take your mask off and On

    Don’t take your face mask on and off.

    Once your mask is on, keep it on. Even if you are just getting back in your car between errands, removing your mask can get it dirty.

  • Dont pull under chin

    Don’t pull your face mask down under your chin, or let it dangle from one ear.

    Just like removing your mask completely, partially removing your mask may spread germs to others.

  • Dont re-use disposable Masks

    Don’t reuse disposable face masks.

    Single-use face masks aren’t designed to be washed, so carefully throw it away after you use it and select a new one next time you go out.

  • Dont keep in pockets

    Don’t keep face masks in your purse or pocket to reuse later.

    That goes for both reusable and disposable face masks. Using for more than one outing at a time can spread germs.

  • Dont forget your masks

    Don’t forget your mask!

    It may be a new habit to bring your mask every time you go out. Try leaving a note for yourself before you leave the house or keeping a clean mask in your car or near the front door.