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What is Particles?

Particles by 3M is a place to explore the hidden beauty of science and celebrate the curiosity that drives scientific discoveries every day.

Small boy comforting his grandfather as they sit on a hospital bed
Helping patients who feel hopeless
How human listening and machine learning can help
Military veteran works with career counselor
Changing careers: from veteran to supply chain
Learn how and why he made career moves

At 3M, science is our driving force. It influences everything around us – in ways you may not realize. In the cars, trains and planes that move us, our homes, offices, hospitals and buildings. It’s in our smartphones and stationery, the energy that lights a room, even the clothes we wear – all created and improved through science.

Here at 3M, we  wonder about science each and every day, hoping to inspire others to do so as well – whether you are an educator or student interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), a scientist passionate about securing a bright future for the state of science worldwide or just someone fascinated by seemingly simple scientific innovations impacting daily life. Come explore with us.

  • Future of Mobility

    From vehicles that move us more efficiently to virtual reality that allows us to stay still, explore how science is helping take mobility further, and meet scientists searching for solutions to meet our mobility needs.

  • Disrupting Disease with Data

    Data is powering dramatic changes around the world. Explore how creative scientists from 3M to Stanford University to start-ups are using data and technology to drive healthier choices and reduce the risk of preventable diseases.

  • Evolution of Work

    The world of work is evolving. Read the stories of people at the forefront of that change, those championing skilled labor and enabling global thinking, and learn how science can play a role in holistically approaching worker safety and health.

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