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3M Particles: Disrupting disease with data

Disrupting Disease with Data

  • Explore how creative scientists from 3M to Stanford University to start-ups are using data and technology to drive healthier choices and reduce the risk of preventable diseases.

102-year-old Julia Hawkins runs the 100-meter dash at the 2018 USATF Masters Indoor Championships
100 years young and still running

Science vs. obesity: the race is on to encourage choices that can lead to longer, more active lives.

  • Two women examine a health care app on a tablet

    How creative data science is making healthy living easier

    Science shows that making healthy choices can lead to longer, more active lives. But many of us seem to be doing just the opposite. Stanford’s Dr. Abby King believes that much of the blame often lies in our environment. She and fellow researchers are turning to data and technology.

    How they use science to drive healthier neighborhoods

  • Small boy comforting his grandfather as they sit on a hospital bed

    How human listening and machine learning are helping patients

    Many patients with conditions like diabetes and heart disease report feeling hopeless, overlooked by over-stretched health systems. But there is hope. Experts in behavioral science, data analytics and computer science explain the latest advances in human and machine ‘listening,’ so providers better understand patients.

    How they see beyond the diagnosis code

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