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  • Peek inside the walls of a luxury motorhome that's held together with tape

    By Sue Casement, 3M Storyteller and Monica Hanson, 3M Videographer

    Scenic view of road

    • Wanderlust. Itchy feet. The urge to travel.

      Most of us have felt it – the restless yearning to get away, to leave behind the comforts of home and seek out new adventures on the road. But you don’t need to rough it when you take a road trip. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Some wanderers hit the open road while surrounded by all their worldly possessions in their own palace on wheels.

      That’s the beauty of a recreational vehicle, or RV. Whether you decide to travel a couple times per year or live the nomadic life year-round, you have plenty of options. You can go with a cute little pull-behind pop-up trailer or sightsee in luxury in a customized motorhome.

    • Custom-built motorhome

      Motorhomes, toterhomes and toyhaulers

      If you travel around the country for work or pleasure, you might want to tour in your own home on wheels.

      There are several kinds of motorhomes. Class A motorhomes are the largest and are built on either a commercial truck chassis, a bus chassis, or a specially designed motor vehicle chassis. Class C motorhomes are smaller than Class A – instead of 40-some feet, they are 20 to 30 feet and generally cheaper. Class B motorhomes are actually the smallest and are a van on steroids – and also knows as camper vans. They are typically used by individuals or couples who don’t need as much space. Plus, there are tow-behind travel trailers in all shapes and sizes.

      If you are a dedicated or full-time traveler, you’d probably prefer a Class A motor coach for your living space. If you have a custom-designer motor coach, you can even bring your car or a load of equipment on board. Who does that? Rock stars traveling with your band. Or a race car crew pulling along the all-important car. Or somebody who just wants to travel with all their stuff – and has plenty of cash to spend.

      For them, the right vehicle might be a toterhome or toyhauler. A toterhome is a motor coach that can pull a full trailer behind it, and a toyhauler has a garage built into the actual motorhome unit. In the case of one custom RV manufacturer, ShowHauler Trucks, they often work with customers in the racing industry.

    Quotation: People dream it up, and we put it together. - Joe Gingerich, ShowHauler Trucks

    • Crews working to create a luxury RV

      ShowHauler Trucks opened their doors in 2000 when a stock car racer wanted living quarters added to his truck. The three founders got together because they were sure they could build something better than what was on the market. Since then, the family-owned company has built more than 1,500 custom-designed motorhomes. They have about 40 employees and turn out about 50 units per year. Most of their customers tow race cars, classic cars, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles or horses.

      According to Joe Gingerich, an engineer at ShowHauler, “We manufacture super Cs on large trucks of all shapes and sizes. We build anything from toterhomes to motorhomes to garage units. People dream it up and we put it together.”

      One of ShowHauler’s secrets to success is the strong structural cage without any rivets. Instead of welding or riveting the panels that go on the side of trucks, installers use a double-sided tape that creates an even stronger bond than other traditional methods of adhering. The bond is permanent and allows for expansion with temperature changes.

      This also means a clean look and no holes in the panels to cause corrosion or vibration when you’re tooling down the highway in style.

    Video image of wall panels being attached to RV

    Learn more about how you can build without welds or rivets.