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  • Clean creativity

    By Sue Casement, 3M Storyteller

    3M China Infection Prevention team in their lab coats
    Clean creativity

    Meet the Infection Prevention team in 3M China. They made a simple visit to a customer and came away with creative solutions for a whole new product line.

    3M Scientists at work at the 3M China Health Care Lab

    Vivian Xie and her teammates were visiting customers in the sterile-supply units of hospitals when they spotted something. The 3M specialists noticed that instruments, like surgical scissors and trays, were cleaned with regular detergent.

    They had an “aha” moment. 3M already provided sterilization and testing solutions – so they grabbed the opportunity to create cleaning solutions, too. The new cleaning line has been a big success in China and has expanded to other countries in Asia.

    “We introduced an enzyme cleaner. Then we went on to develop a formulation to remove biofilms, which harbor 65 percent of human bacterial infections. We have a patent granted in China and others pending throughout the world.”

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