1. Inspiring brighter reflective design
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  • Inspiring brighter reflective design

    reflective material in design

    • The science of vision, inspiring apparel designers with retroreflective material.

      Curious about fashion and design inspiration? Do you want your creations to stand out? Be seen? Be original? Designers are finding creative uses for retroreflective materials, not just in practical safety gear, but as an original design element of artistic expression in sports, accessories, jewelry and urban wear.

    • Function

      Because these materials reflect light directly back to the source, they help us stay visible in low light conditions. They're why traffic signs and roadway markings stand out so brightly at night. And why workwear that has Scotchlite™ Reflective Material from 3M designed into it helps keep road construction crews, firemen and miners visible. They're brighter because of the science and technology used to create them.

    • Form

      But not all of us need to stand out with function. We want to increase our visibility and stand out discreetly. After seeing the difference this material could make in workplace safety gear, it inspired designers of athletic wear to explore the use of reflective material in their designs. Athletic manufacturers began designing it into sporting apparel and athletic shoes to help keep early-morning and nighttime runners, walkers and bikers visible – while still looking cool.

    “I always wanted to be a super hero and save the world. Reflective materials and endless design possibilities help bring safety function into fashion. Via inspiring other designers I am helping to save the world, save the people.”
    Silvia Guttmann, 3M Sr. Designer