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  • Improving road safety, one lorry at a time

    By Janna Fischer, 3M Storyteller

    Black background with blurs of vehicle visibility markings
    Improving road safety, one lorry at a time

    Maybe it’s happened to you. You’re driving on the highway at night, and all of a sudden you slam on your brakes to avoid the trailer in front of you. You hadn’t seen it – the trailer’s tail lights were out.

    In Malaysia, more than 475,000 road accidents and 6,500 fatalities in 2014, according to the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, led the government to make changes.

    Vehicle lined with reflective markings made by 3M

    As drivers, we rely on what we can see. That’s why the Malaysian government teamed up with 3M Malaysia to help achieve a higher standard of safety with a new lorry-marking program. Like in this picture, reflective markings provide better visual information to drivers.

    Image of two large trucks at sunset, showing the difference that adding 3M relfective material makes in visibility
    “We would often see heavy vehicles stalled on a long-distance expressway, and with the vehicle unable to run, the backlights would not be lit. Drivers and motorcyclists were often unable see what was in front of them until it was too late.”

    • Close up image of 3M’s Diamond Grade DG3 lorry marking tape

      3M’s Diamond Grade DG³ lorry marking tape is designed specifically to reduce rear-end collisions and complies with the new Malaysian Standard.

      The prismatic material features optic elements that are nearly 100 percent efficient, and reflect almost 60 percent of available light back to the driver.

      The government standard for lorry marking now requires all lorry drivers to apply government-certified rear and side markings on heavy and long vehicles and trailers.

    Image of a woman adding 3M relfective marking tape to the back of a truck
    “We are so proud to have been a pioneer in advocating the enforcement of rear and side conspicuity reflectors in our country. It’s exciting to be part of a program that will help make the roads safer for the people of Malaysia.”

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    Learn about the lorry marking program and how retroreflectivity works in an eye-popping video.