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  • Don’t stress new moms – how tech can help take the guesswork out of breastfeeding

    By Janna Fischer, 3M Storyteller

    We become riddled with self-doubt. We use every trick in the book.

    Image of a women breastfeeding a baby

    Motherhood. We knew it would rock our world. But no one told us – really told us – it would shake us to our core.

    • Image of a crying baby

      The serene, blissful scenes we conjured in our pregnant minds give way to reality: We’re exhausted, hormonal, dizzy with love and gratitude for this little creature we helped bring into the world and, generally, overwhelmed.

      Oh, and then there’s breastfeeding. It’s one of life’s most instinctual and natural processes, right?

      Ladies, let’s be real. Breastfeeding, especially during those first few weeks, can be complicated, emotional, taxing – and just plain hard. We become riddled with self-doubt. We question whether our supply is sufficient. We use every trick in the book to try to keep her awake while she’s feeding. We stress about why he’s losing, rather than gaining, weight.

      How on earth are we to know how much of that “liquid gold” our baby is actually consuming? New mamas, you’re in luck. It turns out there’s an app for that.

    • Image showing the software used for the Momsense app

      Meet Momsense

      The very smart people over at Momsense, Inc., an Israeli start-up, have developed a breastfeeding “meter” that provides mothers with real-time knowledge of their baby’s milk intake and nursing habits. All it takes is some earphones, a sensor and the Momsense app on your smartphone.

      Here’s how it works: You download the app and plug the Momsense earphone jack into your smartphone or tablet. Then, you place a silicone sticker on the nursing sensor and position the sensor below your baby’s earlobe.

    • Image showing the 3M medical tape used for the Momsense app

      The special skin-friendly sticker was created using a 3M medical tape. It is designed specifically for repositionable attachment to skin. While you breastfeed, use your earphones and follow the animation on the app to hear and see your baby’s swallows. Once you’ve finished nursing, you’ll receive a custom report. It shows the amount of milk your baby consumed providing confidence and peace of mind.

      And we all know a little confidence can go a long way during those first few weeks of motherhood.