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  • Fine art that sticks: Artist creates contemporary sculptures out of everyday items

    By Evelyn Padilla, 3M Storyteller

    A man stares at a self-portrait of artist Danny Scheible, constructed entirely from 3M vinyl tape

    Danny Scheible’s philosophy about art: You are an artist. Anyone can be, simply by using everyday items in your home.

    • Danny Scheible creates a masking tape sculpture in his California studio.

      The Sacramento, California, native began working with tape because of its textural and structural versatility. He calls it Tapigami.

      “You can make something really complicated quickly, anywhere you want, without tools,” he says. “It’s accessible and cheap.”

      Mention Tapigami in California’s capital city, and people will likely know who you’re talking about. Danny’s following includes local artists and art aficionados.

      “Part of the fun [of Tapigami] is seeing other people see it,” says Marc Lorentzen. “You don’t need to be a little kid to be struck by the wonder of it, which is pretty fun for us to see.”

      Danny always has a roll of tape around his wrist. Even when out to dinner, he is creating something, usually drawing a crowd. People stop him to ask what he’s doing, but Danny says it’s children who are drawn to engage with the art form.

      “The kids get the magic of it right away,” says fellow artist Maren Conrad. “He wants to talk to the people who see the magic in what he’s doing.”

    Still image from video showing how Danny creates his art

    The artist at work

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    “Art is the creation and interaction between you and the material, and that is what I’m focused on,” says Danny. “If I can make a piece of art that I can walk away from and it still keeps making itself, then I’ve truly created something.”