1. Doorstep detailing in India
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  • Doorstep detailing in India

    By Janna Fischer, 3M Storyteller

    Scenic view of buildings in Bangalore, India
    Doorstep detailing in India

    India is on the move.

    Its economy is expected to grow seven percent this year, according to the latest World Bank forecast, which would make it one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in 2017. That also means lots and lots of new cars on the roads.

    Traffic in Mumbai, India

    All of this growth has translated into a rising middle class and a heavy reliance on automobiles.

    A daytime skyline photo of Mumbai, India
    “In India, possessing a car is the second most-aspired object after owning a house. And maybe, for several individuals, car ownership takes precedence.”
    3M Car Care building in India
    Enter 3M Car Care

    A few years ago, 3M India conceived 3M Car Care Center franchises to meet the needs of the growing population of Indian car owners. With 85 free-standing auto detailing shops in India, the business services 250-300 cars per store every month across 27 major cities.

    3M India has introduced a “Store-to-Door” concept that brings the auto-detailing shop to the people. “We have a fleet of mobile vans that have been modified to carry all the equipment and products required to deliver detailing services at the doorstep of the customer,” says Ajay.

    The 3M cleaning crew details the vehicle in a dust-free environment by putting the car under a giant canopy that is carried by the mobile vans.

    Vehicle used by 3M Car Care crews

    3M India’s mobile-car detailing van is GPS-enabled, which tracks the location of the to-be-serviced vehicle, so that customers can be reached in the shortest possible time.

    The Store-to-Door program currently offers mobile detailing units in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai – with a planned 10-15 additional units added across the country within the year. 

    “We are looking forward to a time in the near future,” says Ajay, “when we will have several vehicles in every city.”

    3M Car Care (India)